In SCSS, Mixins are like functions in programming. You can send arguments, have some conditions, some calculations and even iterations. Let’s see how it works!We can keep the mixins in a separate file and import them or directly write them in style file. I give you an example to see everything once! The arguments: $image, […]

Devices and Media-query

Frontend developers, always are dealing with different devices and orientation. Here I tried to find a table of view port specifications to use in media query. Mobile phones: 360☓640 375☓667 360☓720 360☓760 414☓736 412☓846 320☓568 360☓740 414☓896 412☓732 375☓812 360☓760 320☓570 320☓534 So it seems that between 320px to 414px for width and 534px to […]

Media Queries for Mobile and Tablet devices

The last step of website customization is custom CSS for different devices. @media query is the way to control the element behavior depend on devices. Here you can find the media query fits for most of standard devices, and change it depend on what you need. CSS @Media commands @media not|only  mediaType and (mediaFeature and|or|not […]