How to use Slots in Vue

This is a very useful way to pass content from Parent-component to child-component. The simple way is to call the child component from parent component and add all you need to show in child by mention them inside child element. There is an option in slot, you can have an alternative also. What passed from […]

Sending data between Parent and Child Component

To send data from parent to child, needs to add an attribute to child component like this: <ChildComponent :dynamicData=”somedata” staticData=”hello” @getDataFromParent=”functionToProcessData”/> In first attribute, the colon sign “:” , means that you are sending a variable to childComponent. For example in this case someData, is already defined by data() in javascript, but staticData is only […]

Currying functions in js

Currying function is a modern feature in javascript that let’s to instead of send multiple arguments and callbacks, send them in another format.I mean, if a function needs to receive the result of another function, maybe it’s a good opportunity to use currying! let’s read here

Composing functions in JS

Composing multiple functions in javascript, means call multiple functions one after each other when each function needs the result of previous function’s result.A understandable example is that, to prepare a hamburger, first needs to grind the meat, the add some salt, then shape it and last step is baking. You can not bake it then […]


In SCSS, Mixins are like functions in programming. You can send arguments, have some conditions, some calculations and even iterations. Let’s see how it works!We can keep the mixins in a separate file and import them or directly write them in style file. I give you an example to see everything once! The arguments: $image, […]

Test website on android device

If you are a frontend deveoper, probably test your sites by chrome emulator to make sure it works perfectly on different devices and screen sizez, but it’s a good idea if can test it on a real device and also debug the consoles and error on real device. So here some steps to connect the […]

Create new application in serviceNow

In the main ServiceNow browser window, use the Application Navigator to open System Applications > Studio. In the Load Application dialog, click the Create Application button. Click the Create button for the Start from scratch option. Enter a name as the application name. Note the scope value and its syntax. You don’t need to do anything with this value but it is […]